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Sharp 2TC45AD1X 45инч энгийн зурагт

899,900 ₮ (3% хямд)

  • Дэлгэцийн хэмжээ
    45 Инч
  • Дэлгэцийн нягтаршил
    1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Дүрс дамжуулах хурд
  • Холболтууд
  • Баталгаат хугацаа
    1 жил
  • Хүргэлт


 45 inch Full HD Basic TV
USB Media Player - Expand your entertainment with videos music & photos
Sound Reflect Design - Directed sound with rich details & superb stereo imaging

Screen Size (Diagonal) 45"(113cm)
Resolution 1,920 x 1,080
Engine X2 Master Engine
Output Power 10 W x 2

Lightning Shield
Varistor protects the product from lightning surges through AC cable that are in line with EMC standard (IEC 61000–4–2 & IEC 61000–4–5).
Heavy Weight Shield
The design of our wall mounting brackets are tested against IEC 60065 weight loading standards.
Voltage Shield
Safe product operation is ensured throughout, as our TVs can handle more than standard voltage (110V – 240V).
Drop Shield
The protective performance of our packaging and the durability of SHARP LED TVs are proven by passing strict drop tests.
Stability Shield
Our proven structural stability has been benchmarked against IEC 60065 standards.
Vibration Shield
Our quality carton packing design and high build quality of SHARP LED TVs are proven to be vibration resistant during delivery.
High Temperature & Humidity Shield
Reliable SHARP LED TVs are proven and tested based on IEC 60065 standards to withstand high temperature and humidity settings.



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