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Daewoo FRN-X22B5CSI хөргөгч

1,999,900 ₮ (3% хямд)

  • Хөргөгчний багтаамж
    380 литр
  • Хөлдөөгчний багтаамж
    242 литр
  • Цахилгаан зарцуулалт
  • Хүргэлт


~ Нийт багтаамж 622 литр 
Хөргөгчний багтаамж 380литр 
Хөлдөөгчний багтаамж 242литр 
Energy class A +
Climate class T
Type of compressor Piston
Refrigerant R600A
Control type Electronic
The size 1770x906x735mm
Packed Size 1840x970x767mm
Net weight 98 kg
Gross weight 109 kg

  • Door open alarm
  • Display
Perfect No Frost ™
No more for losing time to remove the ice crust. After all, now there is a special system Perfect No Frost ™. Finally, you can forget about the unpleasant work of defrosting the refrigerator. Frost inside the freezer compartment is a major factor in reducing freezing, and the advanced Daewoo Electronics technology prevents its occurrence by maintaining a constant temperature inside the freezer compartment.
TURBO Cooling
Thanks to the powerful turbo cooling system, your refrigerator will cool 1.3 times faster than before.
Intelligent electronic control
Daewoo Electronics Refrigerator tracks changes in the internal temperature that occur when warm products are placed in it. Temperature changes are converted into digital information, which is used in managing cooling cycles, which allows you to effectively preserve the freshness of products.
Express cooling cans
You can quickly cool your favorite drink to the desired temperature by putting it in a special compartment for cans.
Leakproof Shelves
Most of the shelves in the Daewoo Electronics Side-by Refrigerators are made of glass with leak protection that will save you from liquid leaks and keep the shelves clean for a long time.
Large volume
Check out the wide and voluminous compartments of the Daewoo Electronics Side-by-Side refrigerator.
Roomy door compartment
Ability to store large bottles.

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